Our Company

About McCullough Rossi & Company, Ltd.

A Local Institution

For more than 35 years, McCullough Rossi has been a trusted accountant and advisor to local businesses, families, and nonprofits. No matter what level of support you require, we have the expertise to assist you. We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to our client’s unique needs and are dedicated to the highest level of service. We also work with trusted professionals in our community when our clients have needs beyond the scope of a CPA firm.

Our Core Values

McCullough Rossi is committed to the success of closely held and family businesses. We listen carefully to our clients and use our wide range of services and experience to help them achieve their goals. We value long-term relationships over short-term gains, which means that year after year we can provide the strategic insight achieved through in-depth knowledge of an organization.

We believe our success comes with your success.

Our Goal

We are inspired by the unique vision of each client and strive to go beyond service delivery to understand what our clients need and why. Our team of knowledgeable CPAs has a goal: To help you grow your company by leveraging our commitment to stand by you as Confident Advisors, Fearless Advocates and Essential Allies and by sharing our 35 years of experience as Trusted Accountants.

Our Professional Relationships

Our clients often require a team approach, so we consider part of our mission to develop strong relationships with local professionals who serve our community. Bankers, insurance agents, lawyers, and other professionals consider us to be trusted partners in serving privately owned and family businesses.

Supporting Our Community

We believe that small and mid-size privately owned and family businesses are the backbone of our local economy. As a local, privately held firm as well, McCullough Rossi supports the community through donations and the commitment of our leadership and staff to support the charities that help our friends and neighbors.

“Senior people give you attention. They keep up on our regulations, manage our needs, give us advice and don’t nickel and dime us.”